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Chromed Design Studio fashions an earthy tapas bar suited to Indian tastes, albeit with a chic vibe

With its eclectic design and comfortable atmosphere, Gurugram’s newest eatery – an Indian tapas bar called Maachis – is truly living up to its moniker and setting the stage on fire. Designed by Chromed Design Studio, the space has quickly become every local food connoisseur’s preferred hangout spot. Made with an agenda to amalgamate a casual bar setting with the feel of a fine-dine restaurant, Maachis carries a distinct vibe, marrying regional Indian food and elements with a modern atmosphere. From the earthy contours to the lights and the cane furniture, every detail is fundamentally Indian in nature.

“Maachis adheres to the theme of an Indian tapas bar and manages to fulfil every aspect of it. This resplendent bar has been divided into various zones with common seating areas and two private dining sections,” states Abhigyan Neogi, who heads Chromed Design Studio.

The entrance sets the tone for what is to follow. A bright neon light used to announce the name of the bar makes for a fun and inviting element. Surrounded by a curved cast iron railing in the front and double side entry gates, the entry point serves a dual purpose – it draws a great deal of attention from passersby and welcomes customers in style. The inclusion of sheer curtains to segregate the various sections within, lends an openness to the bar, while still offering privacy to diners. Reflecting on the design features, one finds that each aspect of the space signifies a feeling of richness and warmth, which then settles upon the entire visual expanse.

Despite this, the space is not overbearing in its use of this design language, with furniture and upholstery bringing in a relaxed and cheerful vibe. In fact, the well-appointed bar boasts comfortable, wooden furniture, which has been clothed in plush fabrics having bright hues. The upholstery is a skillfully meted out combination of plain fabrics and ikat-printed textiles, which create interest. This unique mixture is the perfect recipe for a welcoming seating area. On the other hand, to bring in a sense of diversity, props made of cane and brass have been deployed in various corners of the bar. Yet another interesting feature of Maachis is its lighting fixtures, which consist of a combination of ornate chandeliers providing a regal appeal, merged with kitschy lights that bring in a trendy spirit. The private dining room, for instance, greets its visitors with magnificent crystal chandeliers that elevate the look of the space. This is different from the common seating area, where lights made of fabric and tassels give the space a traditional Indian vibe.
When it comes to the main attraction – the bar counter, its front portion is fluted with white marble cladding and highlighted with an LED strip at the top. In addition, a shelf bearing plants and artefacts, hangs above the counter, tying it in with the rest of the area. With the intention of creating the illusion of a bigger space, a distressed mirror lines one of the walls. Another striking feature of this bar is the terracotta colour found on the walls that renders a warm and homely, regional vibe, creating just the right look. The flooring too is unique and has been aptly curated by creating a pattern with the help of brick tiles combined with a printed tile inlay.

Despite the fact that a plethora of restaurants have been opening across the city of Gurugram, offering a range of themes, menus and other features, Maachis has managed to create a niche for itself as a place that promises an distinctive regional experience that is worth savouring.



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