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Studio Osmosis completely transforms this living room in a Mumbai home

Bringing in light and lively elements, Shilpa and Sameer Balvally lend a cheerful vibe to space

Designing this 1,200 sq-ft living room along with the entry corridor and entrance lobby was a challenge on many fronts for Shilpa Jain Balvally and Sameer Balvally of Studio Osmosis. “We had to do the renovation in an already occupied home and, hence, quick design, procurement and scheduling was of the utmost essence,” says Shilpa, adding that they instantly connected upon meeting with the clients, who found them on social media.

The brief for the living room was mainly to bring in modern elements, and add vibrancy to the space – which had previously been a monotonous living area, not taking full advantage of the expanse of windows and light coming inside.

The lobby was designed to be minimal, yet have a moody ambience as a transitional space. “The highlight of the lift lobby was the concrete texture by Asian Paints, which was accentuated by the adjustable, armed wall light features,” points out Sameer. The furniture in the lift lobby was conceptualised as a monochromatic symmetry with two resin inlaid utility cabinets on either side of a minimal, antique brass-finished seat. The duo inlaid a brown marble to add a formal quality to the space.

The living room was a large, rectangular space with an existing Italian Dyna marble flooring. The living room also boasted large French windows on the far sides and a smaller window closer to the entrance. Given the layout of the space and the close proximity to the kitchen, this was the obvious location for the dining area. This was also the area a guest would first encounter as soon as they were welcomed into the living area. Hence, a bolder element was needed; a feature that would be the statement piece for the entire living space. “We commissioned the Asteroid suspended chandelier by Klove Studio. The amber hand-blown glass feature, suspended off the ceiling, not only lends an alluring hue, but it also sets a contemporary dialogue to be followed around the room,” states Shilpa. The recess in the ceiling, which envelopes the chandelier, is mimicked on the flooring with the same brown Armani marble, thereby formally defining the dining area.

A custom turquoise self-patterned sideboard lines the window, which blends into the lush greenery beyond. The clients, being devout in their religious beliefs, requested a mandir in the living room, but were also convinced of the idea to conceal it in a contemporary style; it was also kept at a low height. The side console adjacent to the crockery unit smartly zones the mandir area, while keeping the visual connect between the living and dining zones. A lovely beige, book-matched veneer used on the internal doors can be seen in the backdrop. The long wall opposite the dining area demarcates the circulation zone, and is treated with a concrete wall texture with PVD-coated brass-finished steel inserts in the wall. A minimal console with Hatsu lights and a beautiful original artwork creates a well-balanced composition. This wall also hosts the veneer-clad detailed TV unit concealing a projector screen and hidden seating that can be used as required.

The living room had an L- shaped deep beam that awkwardly divided the remaining area and posed a unique challenge. “We redefined and highlighted this area by adding a coffered ceiling with lights, which not only concealed the beam, but also added a frame and line of sight along the windows. The custom-designed shears from Kanchi softened the ambience of the entire living room. Just like the design of the suspended chandelier, we chose to integrate furniture with varied styles and highlight colours which together invigorate the entire living space,” explains Sameer.

“We chose a lovely coral-coloured fabric for the two single seaters with elegant metal supports,” Shilpa supplies. These chairs, along with the metal-wired side table, are a bold, yet elegant choice. A contemporary blue tufted rug by Merge Carpets binds the grey and blue sofas together. The centre table has been customised on glass by Insignia finishes by Asian Paints. These tables are meant to be moved around when there are guests and the space demands flexibility and a sense of casualness, compared to the previous very fixed and formal setting. The soft furnishings and custom-designed sets of formal and casual cushions from Kanchi add a degree of flair and flamboyance, yet provide a fun and colourful element to the space, while also bringing out the striking, yet contemporary characteristic of the area. All in all, this is one living room that promises to be as inviting to its owners as to guests.



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