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Photographs: Studio Kunal Bhatia

A tranquil abode by Design Lab Vyoma

The Sanctum House has elements that thrive in perfect elegance and bliss, creating a peaceful atmosphere as the name suggests

After great brainstorming sessions by the design team at Design Lab Vyoma, the zonal planning of the space led to an open plan where the living, dining and the kitchen co-exist together and complement each other. It allows the family to spend quality time together. The zoning also ensures that each room and the living area have huge ventilation windows.

“Another interesting part about the space planning was the fact that we designed around the existing structure of the house. Since the apartment is located in an old residential building, we faced great challenges such as old wooden piers, metal jacketed columns, huge brick piers - all comprising the structural system of the building. The challenges were that of amalgamating the existing numerous structures in our design in a seamless and flawless manner, yet maintaining the tranquility of the overall space,” explains principal architect Vyoma Patwa Motiramani. The ceiling design also evolved keeping in mind the existing beams, which ran in random direction in varying thickness and depth.

The chic contemporary home has a serene vibe, with a feel of understated luxury and class. The spaces are intentionally designed to give a warm and cozy feel with just the right amount of furniture and artifacts. Each and every space is crafted with great care and utilised to its maximum.

“Though we have created a luxurious yet soothing space with a balanced blend of aesthetics and design that optimise the use of space, each room has its own unique style reflecting the personalities of the end users. Also, we are proud to note that this project was completed in record time - in 120 days, including civil, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting etc.,” concludes the architect.

About Design Lab Vyoma
Thr Mumbai based, multidisciplinary architectural interior firm was founded by Vyoma Patwa Motiramani, who believes in creating holistic spaces true to its context and functionality. The firm strives to achieve spaces that, besides articulating carefully at micro levels of details, finishing & functionality, also deeply look at the macro levels of overall site context, its natural surroundings and built form. Over the years, their passion for good design has been articulated through beautifully designed residential and commercial interiors, along with restaurants and resorts across India.



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