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Noémie Maison – a French story in Dubai

Saachi Rana Design Studio fashions a modern home in Dubai with French details

A French couple, who recently moved to Dubai was very sceptical about moving into a tiny 2BHK apartment with their young child. They wanted to bring in old school French details with a modern touch, yet keeping the space warm and cosy. Space was important to the clients – Celia and Damien, who wanted the option of having a child and growing their family within the walls of the home.

As a result, this young couple was presented with a hip apartment, designed by Saachi Rana Design Studio. The Dubai home uses a palette of white, black and grey, along with rich tones in a wooden palette. The styles deftly combine the old with the new, staying true to established décor principles and still injecting a healthy dose of the homeowner’s personality into the space. The design is bold, sophisticated, and chic. However, it is also quirky and personal.

“No two spaces you visit will ever seem or feel alike. A confident design vision is key to pulling off such original flair. The design of this apartment is classy, at the same time, youthful and indulgent. It is complete with modern, playful rooms for children and calming, sumptuous bedrooms for the parents,” says Saachi Rana.

Since the area of the apartment was small and the resources were limited, instead of adding a lot of art and accessories, the studio tried to incorporate as many details as possible in the interiors, yet keeping it minimal. “We used distinctive French patterns in the wainscoting for the feature walls. This is where we incorporated French design from the more extravagant era,” states Rana.

The materials used were easily available. “Those pesky small living rooms always have us stumbling and second-guessing what we should do to make the most of the floor plan, showcasing the best ways to expand your square footage without any demolition. In a tiny space, you might be afraid of overwhelming things with too-large furniture, but oftentimes, if you go full throttle with a large sectional that hugs the walls, you’ll get a room that seats a ton of people and feels super welcoming and cosy,” Rana adds. Take notes from this home that perfectly fits a family of three. There is a lot of room for flexibility when it comes to colour. The key is to let the client’s personality dictate the palette.



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