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Same book, different cover: Mumbai’s Anand Prakash store gets a modern look

A muted colour scheme ensures that the décor is all about class and sophistication

A bespoke store that houses gifting ideas for the discerning customer, the decor at the Anand Prakash store is all about class and sophistication. Minnie Bhatt Design ensures a space that is airy and open. With a muted colour scheme of ash, beige, grey and white being the dominant colours, the store gives off an elegant vibe.

The shelves are functional, chic and visually appealing. They do a great job of highlighting the merchandise and facilitate ease of shopping. Hints of wood add to the warmth of the place. Keeping the architectural aesthetic of the neighbourhood in sync, the façade of this store is inspired by the colonial buildings in its vicinity of South Mumbai. The window display has been created using a showcase stand made with brass strips that display the brand’s signature creation of brass cut-outs of the Hindi alphabet. It might have a modern appeal now, but the space retains its old-world charm.



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