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Design Inc. crafts a cheerful family home

Straight lines and warm hues dictate the theme of this residence

The residence has been designed for a family of six on a plot area of 4,000 sq-ft, with a construction area of about 5,000 sq-ft. The architecture of the house is driven by straight lines, while a striking contrast is introduced through whites and browns. The bungalow forms a landmark in the lane it inhabits, being stationed at a corner and, therefore, flanked by the road on one side and an open landscaped court of 1,500 sq-ft on the other. Because of the soothing exterior, the house appears to be in complete harmony with the surroundings.

It is a four-bedroom home, with a drawing, living, and kitchen, as well as a family lounge. The heart of the house is embellished with an 'Ita Gold' feature wall, on which rests a contemporary staircase, connecting the duplex, bordered by glass and wooden railing.

Two bedrooms – including the master bedroom, are lavish in their size, with the beds resting on a platform, and a dresser, bathroom and balcony attached. The master bedroom is treated with elegance, and sports a wooden floor on Diana Italian marble. Niches were created while designing the space, and these are clad with travertine and embossed by subtle rope light.

The furniture is designed and crafted on site as per the clients' preference and need. Doors are panelled with doe-coloured veneer and a silver foil intricate carving, done by local craftsmen. All the elements come together to make for a cheerful family home.



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