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Saba and Rohit Kapoor’s home is an exquisite representation of their brand’s ethos

The founders of Nivasa have used intricate detailing and a refined material palette to do up the space

Saba and Rohit Kapoor live in an expansive six-bedroom residence, spread across 10,000 sq-ft. Located in the Aravali range, the two-storey home seems like an ode to the brand that they founded – Nivasa. The design intent of this project by the Kapoors was to keep sustainability at the centre of the design. It is segregated into areas like a double-height foyer, a double-height terrace, living room, bar and six bedrooms. A refined material and colour palette is used throughout. The designers took full advantage of the home’s location and added huge French bay windows to bring in natural light all year round. Natural wood and earthy materials have been used for the flooring, the furniture and also for intricate detailing. All elements were hand-cut or hand-sewn, and meticulously put together.

The pair has tactfully used sliding doors to demarcate spaces, which could be opened up whenever required. A variation in tiling and placement of furniture pieces gives the spaces definition when partitioned, but on being opened up, the spaces seamlessly flow into each other to form a harmonious unit. The double-height lobby features a fireplace and birdcage mirrors. An intricate cast iron railing enhances the staircase that connects to the other areas of the home — a captivating reflection of this is captured in a magnificent 20-foot mirror.

The living area makes a statement with a wooden bay window, a double door with brass accents and larger-than-life vignettes. Wood and brass accents create a contemporary yet earthy vibe in this area that can be transformed into a bar by night and a family lounge for the family to unwind. Providing sweeping views of the scenery below is the terrace that features a vertical volume with wooden panelling running all the way to the top.

The designers followed a contemporary theme for this project that finds the right balance between minimalism and maximalism. A minimal neutral palette is juxtaposed with dramatic accents like oversized mirrors, theatrical light fixtures, sculptures and art. Muted, antique brass finishes were used on the doors, sculptures, furniture and chandeliers. Vintage switches were brought in for an old-world charm. Antiques, art and artefacts, sourced from travels around the world, are seen across the house. Custom touches and artisanal craftsmanship add to the overall aesthetic of the space.

Here’s a home that is as warm in its appearance, as it is luxurious and aspirational.



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