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A warm and expansive family home in Gujarat

Ace Associates uses a simplistic façade to hide a tastefully-decorated, sprawling house

Tathastu, a word of Sanskrit origin, literally means “so be it”. Of the same name is this concrete-and-red-brick façade-sporting mansion in Nadiad, Gujarat. The family home of Subhash Shah, a civil engineer by profession, has been created by ACE Associates. The simplistic façade hides a tastefully-decorated, sprawling house.

The 5,378 sq-ft home is spread over two levels, and is a minimalistic and uncluttered home. To box it under a particular design style would not be apt as it is a mix of contemporary and traditional design. The layout of the house is simple, and flows naturally from the public to private areas. All the rooms are well-illuminated with natural light, and some possess a direct line of sight to the greenery outside. The house is built in accordance with Vastu Shastra – the ancient spatial principles of design and architecture.

Housed in a residential area, the entrance faces the south. Summers can be harsh in this part of the country. To keep the heat at bay by using clever design, the architects incorporated a garden area and a veranda between the boundary wall and the living areas of the house. The green wall that is the garden ensures that the house is not exposed to direct sunlight by acting as a heat – and privacy – barrier. The juxtaposing of concrete and red bricks gives the home an earthy look. The garden has a veranda – just like olden homes – with a leather bench, while the foyer includes a Ganpati painting, a wooden bench and a contemporary pendant light.

The living room is bright and airy with large windows overlooking the garden in front. To the right of the foyer is a huge open space that serves as the living — accommodating a formal and informal space with no partitions. The formal living room overlooks the front yard comprising the veranda and the garden, while the informal (family) room with the TV opens up to the dining and private areas of the house. Intersecting the informal living and kitchen, the dining space is made with a minimal raw wood log dining table and wooden chairs. The kitchen follows a contemporary style, complete with high-gloss finish in white and saffron colours, and outfitted with modern equipment.

The master bedroom is located on the ground floor, and includes an Italian marble floor as well as a poster bed with tear wood panelling at the back; it overlooks a personal green courtyard. The decor of the guest bedroom uses a simple beige-and-brown colour theme. One of the daughter’s has a bedroom dressed in bright pink, with a fusion theme and a candy pink-washed vintage bed and bench. The other daughter’s bedroom is more muted with classic white-washed teak furniture.

Project details
Name of the project: Tathasthu
Location: Nadiad, Gujarat
The client: Subhash Shah
Design team: ACE Associates
Date of Completion: 2019
Area: 5,378 sq-ft
Photographs: Inclined Studio



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