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COVID-19: Traditional practices co-exist with modern technologies at Bennet & Bernard

The luxury real estate developer in Goa have renewed their commitment to offer safer homes with better air quality and vertical farming

Bennet & Bernard, a brand that has already set a benchmark in sustainable practices for over a decade, is enhancing its design initiatives at its homes considering lifestyle changes in consumer behavioural patterns in the post COVID-19 times. Bennet & Bernard has incorporated in their new builds layout, design & structural modification like re-distribution of airflow and oxygen supply as well as on implanting elements for quick absorption of carbon dioxide to enhance hygiene and health in the house. The design flow of the selection of light, placement and paint schemes are enhanced to add to the existing eco-friendly technology approaches at its properties.

Bennet & Bernard, known for their luxury and exclusive holiday homes in Goa, have always been at the forefront of respecting nature and their home designs are always functional, allowing nature and development to be maximised. Furthermore, the enhanced designs will also incorporate aspects like versatile workspaces, community vegetation, contactless delivery and self-sustenance. Other traditional healthy practices like keeping footwear outside, hygiene norms for sanitising hands and feet before entering homes will co-exist with these initiatives. The company is also ensuring that working from home is also ergonomically more efficient. Keeping this in mind, Bennet & Bernard is creating an exclusive space which will impart an office-like feel. The designs are being executed to help maintain privacy and offer a noise-free ambience in certain sections of the homes to ensure minimal distractions. Usage of copper will be a regular feature and the company is working in multiple ways to enhance the wellness of their esteemed clientele.

Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues, founder and chairman, Bennet & Bernard Group said: “It is important now to customise relevant technologies in homes that would incorporate modern habitat design with traditional practices as the new situation of COVID-19 expects us to enhance our holistic approach. The current lockdown prompted us to rethink and come up with absolutely fantastic design solutions… This is just the beginning to set the standard in theme centric luxury holiday homes as we intend to continue aiming high and exceeding expectations in the luxury lifestyle. While we always have put hygiene practices at center stage, we believe this time of introspection will give us the fuel and motivation to show the next generation what is possible. Because at Bennet & Bernard, things may be believed impossible, till we make it happen.”

“Sustainability is an integral part of our DNA at Bennet & Bernard and we will continue our endeavour to set new benchmarks in delivering best-in-class and environment-friendly projects to an extremely discerning clientele. Our bespoke designs keep in mind the fundamentals of functional luxury spaces and being able to build such homes is a privilege and a responsibility. It is now critical to think out-of-the box for the future and alter our course to a new charter. It is going to be exciting times ahead and only the bold and innovative will be frontrunners,” added Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues, co-owner and director, Bennet & Bernard Group.

“At Bennet & Bernard, we have always put family and health considerations before all others. As a natural progression from building aesthetically beautiful and cozy homes, we are now introducing our new vertical – Victory Gardens, launch of hydroponic farms in all our new projects. The path to hydroponic farming is paved with good intentions: Sustainable farming and the desire to eat fresh, organic, zero-carbon food. Hydroponic farming, in times of crisis such as these, with the COVID-19 like situations and mass lockdowns, is the best way to provide healthy and nutrient-rich food. Hydroponics and other soil-less farming techniques can also help us take our agriculture and farming industry to the next level as climate change poses a major challenge to food production. Hydroponic gardening is fast becoming a popular choice for many growers around the world due to its more sustainable approach to resource usage than the usual growing methods,” mentioned Lincoln.

The team at Bennet & Bernard will continue to push boundaries of aesthetics and clever designs with every project and boasts of many successfully completed high-end luxury projects in Goa.



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