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Photographs: Kunal Bhatia

Studio Osmosis designs a “studio by the sea”

The sea-facing apartment in Bandra is merely 470 sq-ft in size, but is functionally adept and visually appealing

Designed by Studio Osmosis, this lovely sea view studio apartment in Bandra of just 470 sq-ft is a great example of a micro apartment that features all the luxuries and yet is warm and sustainable.

“When it comes to interior design, a small flat or studio apartment is notoriously difficult to decorate as there is a limited canvas to play around with. Generally, there are two ways to approach such a space — you can either use a coordinated style that extends throughout the home or you incorporate a different theme within each functional area with a unifying design layer,” shares principal architect Shilpa Jain Balvally. The apartment flooring is therefore finished with a single natural stone to unite and add warmth to the space. The combined living kitchen and bedroom areas in the condo are an example of a perfect calm living space sans any borders and inhibitions.

The Chennai-based client rents the studio as he travels to Mumbai often on business. The client wanted a chic, modern, and fully-equipped house where he could hold meetings, entertain guests as well as live. “However, considering that this was a second home for the client, the budget was nearly as tight as the space itself. Speaking of the apartment’s location and original condition, the flat had been lying vacant for quite some time before the client came along,” mentions principal architect Sameer Balvally.

The design makes the most of the breathtaking sea view that the apartment offers and the natural light that filters in. The windows were opened up to span the length of the space, and were embellished with an Eta gold stone frame. Instead of the obvious choice of white flooring, which is traditionally used to create an illusion of space, the designers used Andhra brown stone for the entire floor, even the bathrooms. This not only helped add warmth to the flat but also unified it. This apartment was renovated to turn into a light, unified space with clearly segregated functions. Large windows let in lots of light and glass folding doors spread the light to every corner of the apartment.

A pair of armchairs (located in the same central space) replaced a sofa to create a trimmed living area that enjoys the ocean views outside. A window ledge in the TV room extends to double as a study to take full advantage of the available space. A pullout sofa-bed allows the TV room to function as a guest bedroom when needed. Beautiful sea views expand the visual depth in all the rooms, including the bedroom. A tailored streamlined design makes a stylish decor statement, while the beige-brown colour palette keeps things simple.

Sameer Balvally and Shilpa Jain Balvally of Studio Osmosis.



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