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The master metamorphosis

Studio Ruh reimagines a 750 sq-ft master suite in a nearly two-decade old villa to create a transitional haven made of all things oh-so-good

Reimagining a space from the inside out and rejuvenating its function is for sure a stimulating task. When Studio Ruh was approached to give the master suite of this nearly 20-year-old villa in Bengaluru a facelift, they knew redesigning would entail a labyrinth of facets, but the outcome would be beyond rewarding.

The impetus became to ensure that once the remodelling process was complete, this portion of the house shouldn’t in any way feel alien in the context of the home. What followed was three months of efforts, which manifested into a transitional-style plush master suite, while the clients continued to stay at the residence. Minor yet impactful civil changes were made – two bathrooms were combined to form a single larger bathroom on a raised level to conceal retrofit plumbing lines, an intermediate walk-in closet and the bedroom embraced a rejuvenated design scheme. Exterior architectural details like doors and windows native to the abode were kept intact and worked into the mix.

The conceived design at the Transitional Oasis spelled out luxury and curated comfort with its every weave. The grammar of contemporary lines was carried through the space and exuded tasteful nuances. The marble flooring in the master suite was re-polished and restored to its former glory; a light and bright persona was conjured to life with the use of a neutral colour scheme that was punctuated with pops of hues via furnishings, custom furniture, art and bric-a-brac. The bulky, older built-in storage was replaced with a chic, free-standing unit in brass and paint. Duco painted panels adorned the walls, and double doors with concealed door frames were installed to instil a sense of intrigue and grandeur.

Connected to the master bedroom via robin egg blue double doors is the stated walk-in closet section. Warm wood-tone flooring grounds the walk-in and anchors extensive wardrobe storage mirrored on both sides of the room, complete with luxe brass borders and a light wood veneer. A statement rug reigns in a playful touch of colour under the classic wood and marble colonial-style pedestal table.

The master bathroom is the protagonist at the Transitional Oasis as attention to detail was the motto here. The raised bathroom opens up into a sleek his-and-her vanity and is emblematic of the luxurious ambience via a sleek white-hued double door. Warm wood floors and beige marble-clad walls, what’s not to love? The entrance to the bathroom is flanked on either ends with an enclosed glass shower cabin and semi-closed WC cubical. The former has a marble-wrapped bench, recessed marble floor drains and matte bronze fittings. The stellar vanity wall has countertops with an intriguing marble-edge detail, undermount sinks and timeless wall sconces to add a touch of glamour.

“With the Transitional Oasis, each corner of the space was of great value and detail-orientation was our crucial approach. The reimagined space had to be a reflection of the client’s lifestyle, needs and, most importantly, had to fit into the existing narrative of the home seamlessly – adding character whilst staying true to its roots,” shares Ruh’s founder, Kavya Sheth.

Fact File:

Name of the project: Transitional Oasis

Design firm: Studio Ruh

Lead designers: Kavya Sheth, Aprajita Basnet

Assistant designers: Grishma Gajendra, Vasundhara Shivkumar

Text: Lavanya Chopra

Photographs: Gokul Rao Kadam
Virtual styling: Sameer Wadekar



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