Voltas’ Waghodia factory.
Voltas’ Waghodia factory.

Made in India…Made for India!

The story of Voltas – a brand born in India, which continues to service the nation

Over a hundred years ago, when India was still in the clutches of colonisation, one far-sighted individual strove to think big. He dreamed of achieving much: setting up an iron and steel company, a unique hotel, a world-class learning institution and a hydro-electric plant.

This pioneer was none other than Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata. Such was his drive and determination, that soon the Tata Group was founded. In 1919, a British Viceroy rechristened a small hamlet called Sakchi, Jamshedpur, after him.

Thus came into existence the first well-planned industrial city, which played a leading role in the country’s march towards development.

Today, a hundred years and over 100 companies later, the company is still invested in India, doing much to push the country, to make it at par with the best in the world. Indeed, if there is any company that is focused on ‘Make in India’, it is this, India’s biggest conglomerate!

Voltas: Working towards this vision, too!

Voltas, one of the top ten companies within the Tata Group, has always diligently walked this path. In the past 65 years, they have constantly aimed at giving the Indian consumer the best, striding higher with each step. The focus has always been on quality and innovation.

Voltas has worked on the premise that the Indian consumer has specific needs. And giving them a superior product or service will not only help the company grow bigger and better, but will contribute to nation building, too. With this in mind, they have been steadily setting up world-class manufacturing facilities of their own.

Voltas has widened its manufacturing capabilities with two large greenfield facilities in Waghodia and Sanand, Gujarat; both sites have been selected for the state’s well development industrial belt and the government’s support that leads to ‘ease of doing business’.

Building a brand and a community at Waghodia

In the latter part of last year, Voltas announced commencement of operations at their plant in Waghodia. This 32-acre site will manufacture a wide range of HVAC&R equipment, ranging between 2TR and 2000TR, meant for commercial buildings as well as public & industrial infrastructure. It also houses superior psychrometric laboratories and AHRI certified testing beds for chillers.

Situated close to Vadodara, it will tap the existing market for speciality components, contributing to the economic prosperity of the region, and promote local employment opportunities as well.



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