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Two Peas in a Pad

With their unique design aesthetic, Disha Bhavsar & Shivani Ajmera of Quirk Studio have amassed quite the fan following to become the go-to designers for celebrity projects

Young, vivacious and ambitious. While these words aptly personify Disha Bhavsar & Shivani Ajmera, principal designers & co-founders of Quirk Studio, they could also well define their work thus far. The pair set up their practice in 2013, and although it’s been a short journey since then, their talent has won them numerous projects, many of which are homes and offices for celebrities. This is what has compelled us to anoint the pair (who also happen to be on this year’s iGen list) with the well-deserved moniker ‘celebrity designers’. In the following pages, we feature four such celebrity projects, which bear testimony to the aforementioned fact. From music director & composer Pritam Chakraborty’s vibrant studio; to stand-up comedian & writer Rohan Joshi’s monochromatic home design; and from the muted, yet earthy vibe of celebrity stylist Anisha Jain’s residence; to film actor & producer Jackky Bhagnani and his sister, film producer Deepshika Deshmukh’s luxurious office, each space follows a design language representative of its owners, albeit true to the identity of Quirk Studio as a brand.

Disha Bhavsar & Shivani Ajmera, principal designers & co-founders of Quirk Studio.

In fact, the Mumbai-based boutique design atelier actively aims to “depart from conventional ideas of luxury to cater to modern, novel notions of comfort, functionality, aesthetics, and self-expression.” As far as its principals themselves are concerned, each has a rather distinctive back story, finding harmony in their love of design. For Ajmera, it was “a chance and an opportunity in disguise” when she morphed from a media student into an interior designer, having being given the opportunity to do up a space, back in 2004. There was no looking back after that, as Ajmera went on to work with leading names such as Talati and Panthanky and Red Architects, thus strengthening her foundation in the field. She also went on to study design in Florence, Italy, which shaped her perspective, just as Philippe Starck’s free-spirited, unconventional style as witnessed in his fluid, organic forms, influenced her. In contrast, growing up, Bhavsar was “always inclined to spaces and design”. Both her father and her aunt – who is also an interior designer, inspired her choice of career, as did Geoffrey Bawa’s work, along with the simplicity and ease with which he would combine local context with the principles of modernism. She spent three years learning interior design at Nirmala Niketan, and later earned a Master’s degree in Design Management from the Winchester School of Arts, University of Southampton.

Pritam Chakraborty

Then came their first project – the Saregama office, which was obviously a memorable experience, but also a huge learning. “We collaborated with a large team of contractors and also the Saregama team, who had a clear set of requirements about their space. For such a commercial space, it was pertinent to incorporate their branding and persona within the area, which became an exciting challenge for us. It opened our eyes to the big-scale projects and how to approach them,” the two confess.

Dynamic Duo
It’s been a string of firsts since then, and Quirk Studio has indeed come a long way. However, Ajmera and Bhavsar maintain that regardless of scale or space, each project is of high significance to them, and therefore crafted with the same passion and attitude. As a matter of fact, in the long-standing debate of form versus function, the pair has this to say: “To achieve good design, one must integrate a sense of utility and purpose within the design. Form and function are undoubtedly two sides of the same coin, and there must be a balance between both. Form without function is improper design. Creating functional layouts with the absence of aesthetics is also futile, as aesthetics are crucial to the user’s liking and their impression of it.”
This delicate harmony is amply resonated across Quirk Studio’s projects. Speaking of harmony, just as one starts to feel that the duo is as in sync as two peas in a pod, they throw up a surprise when asked to describe their dream project. For once, the two have differing opinions. While Ajmera dreams of executing “an amazing hospitality project”, Bhavsar wishes to fashion “a holiday home nestled amidst nature in the middle of nowhere, to create a bespoke design statement of luxury and minimalism, while experimenting with sustainable materials and modern design sensibilities”. And given how fast their practice is evolving, there is no doubt that these dream projects could be realised in the very near future. 

Jam-8 Studio
Walk into this cheerful and colourful space, and there is no doubt that you’ve stepped into a music studio. Whether it is the art depicting musicians or the musical instrument-inspired ornamentation, Ajmera and Bhavsar have left no stone unturned in crafting a lively, fluid space that perfectly represents the brand Jam-8, which was created by music director & composer Pritam Chakraborty and his associates. The studio is meant to serve as a platform to nourish musical talent, and its interiors were thus imagined and brought to life by Quirk Studio. “Jam-8 was curated to accommodate varied musical sensibilities with common values, and the music pioneer behind it wanted to work in a space that would be functional and could effectively incorporate recording studios, conference rooms, meeting room, lounges, cafeterias and basic boarding facilities,” says Ajmera.

As a result, the studio has been designed keeping all those needs in mind. The tone is set at the entrance itself, where the reception area greets visitors with a burst of colours and textures that instantly lift one’s mood. The arrival wall is adorned with the playful brand logo, which makes quite a statement, and is further accentuated with quirky ring lights that add to the fun vibe of the space. Also, the other lighting fixtures and target lights vary across the studio, and attempt to work around the ceiling design. For this project, the designers collaborated with Art and Found – a collaborative that brought on board various artists to showcase their art pieces, which now adorn the walls of the studio and add character to the space.

A conscious effort was made to not restrict the extensive space to a particular texture or colour, thereby helping in the creation of a free-flowing, easy-going layout. Assisting with this vibe is the cafeteria that sports a laidback ambience, and has been designed in this manner to steer clear of the concept surrounding conventional workplace eateries. Having said that, it follows the design tone of the rest of the studio and features practical furniture for maximum utility.

Great to hold meetings and entertain clients, the common areas and the lounge have been done up using warmer tones for comfort, with a touch of sophistication put in for good measure. “We made use of visual imagery to narrate stories and continued to religiously embed works of art to make sure the space resonated with music,” explains Bhavsar. The versatile pieces of furniture that have been included here, complement the walls and flooring, thus softening the tonality of the studio. Drama was cleverly brought in through the elevators covered in murals and the eye-catching graffiti on the walls.

All in all, the impactful design truly captures the essence of the brand, yet leaves ample room for imagination and creativity to flow.

Project Details

Name of the project: Jam-8 Studio
Typology: Interior design – commercial office space
The client: Jam-8 Studio
Area: 20,000 sq-ft
Location: Mumbai
Date of completion: March 2019

Materials & Suppliers
Lighting/ light fixtures: Kaleido, Claro
Furniture: Defurn
Art: Art & Found

Rohan Joshi Residence
It is not often that contemporary homes exude an inviting vibe, yet this one is somehow different. While straight lines and monochromatic themes do reign supreme, there is no mistaking that warm, ‘lived-in’ feeling at stand-up comedian & writer Rohan Joshi’s residence. Of course, much of it is owing to the fact that he wanted to achieve exactly that look, and expressly stated so when commissioning the project to Quirk Studio. “A space that is contemporary, open, inviting and – crucially – a space that resonated with his personality” is what Joshi wished for.

But wishing for such a treatment to be applied and actually creating that ambience are not the same thing. For starters, modern homes tend to be high on aesthetics and design, but often lack character, a view Ajmera and Bhavsar shared, hence consciously avoided going down that slippery slope when it came to the interiors of Joshi’s pad. More than bringing in a luxe value and Pinterest-worthy ideas, the designer duo was keen to retain the essence of the user and shine light on the stories behind the collectibles, bespoke pieces, furniture, art, etc. And it is that very approach that makes this design a winner.
Warm, cosy, modern, chic, and truly representative of its owner, this 1,400 sq-ft Mumbai residence has a lot going for it. The layout comprises two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a den, a powder room and a kitchen, all of which have been carefully strung together in a cohesive design language. Keeping in mind the design brief as well as Joshi’s personality, the designers decided to keep the shell of the home neutral and monochromatic. Occasional pops of colour have been brought in through fun, patterned tiles, art, accessories and rugs. The space is fashioned in a way as to optimise the influx of natural light, while also infusing highlights through the lighting fixtures that are peppered throughout the space. With a design as crisp as a writer’s work ought to be, this home resorts to a contemporary-meets-industrial theme, whilst also incorporating elements that resonate the most with Joshi on a personal level.
With minimalism as a backbone, the designers have experimented with various elements such as the flooring in the lobby, which features a cheerful, patterned tile by Bharat Flooring. On the other hand, the flooring in the living room is done up in a neutral, stone-finish grey tile; whereas the three rooms showcase a wooden flooring that lends a warm and comforting feeling. For the kitchen, a refreshing combination of blue and white was adopted for the floor, with diagonal stripes running across the intriguing, hexagon-shaped tiling.

Rohan Joshi.

Continuing with the neutral theme, the master bedroom champions the colour grey. The space radiates a sense of comfort and relaxation with its familiar, homely yet luxurious aesthetic. A minimal grey bed offsets the stark white interiors of the room, and is flanked by simplistic bedside lights, which add a refined sense of luxury to the space. A white-brick back-wall reinforces the subdued aesthetic of the space; while a recessed storage unit punctuates the bedside, adding functionality to the room, while also ensuring that the space remains clutter-free. This theme is mirrored in the den and the guest room, thereby creating a consistent experience for the viewer. In fact, the den is a rather interesting spot; it boasts a ceiling-high shelf stacked with books and complete with a little reading nook, but it is Joshi’s elaborate drum set that occupies pride of place.
While all three bathrooms are distinct in their own way, there is one thing in common. Each uses coloured tiles, patterns and wallpapers over a neutral backdrop. This theme is repeated across the entire home in different ways, particularly through the vibrant décor and artwork juxtaposed with the neutral, unassuming interiors. The home sees a liberal usage of Joshi’s collection of posters, art, books and memorabilia, thus manifesting itself as a complete reflection of his personality. More importantly, it is a sanctuary that represents home for him and his cats, and one that can host friends, family and loved ones. Every space in the house comes alive through the seamless and youthful design, which evokes the exuberance of a bachelor pad, yet preserves that cherished feeling that characterises a home.

Project Details

Name of the project:  Rohan Joshi Residence
The client: Rohan Joshi
Typology: Interior design – residential
Contractors: JV Interiors
Area: 1,400 sq-ft
Location: Mumbai
Date of completion: January 2020

Materials & Suppliers
Flooring: Belleza, Bharat Flooring
Lighting/ light fixtures: Deepam, Lightique Concept
Paint: Asian Paints Royale
Furniture: Blue Loft, Cottons and Satins, Script and customised furniture 
Furnishings: Bharat Furnishings
Sanitary fittings: Jaquar
Air-conditioning/ HVAC system: Daikin
Art/ artefacts: Nicobar, Oma, Tresorie
Fenestration: Fenesta

Anisha Jain.

Anisha Jain Residence
Yet another contemporary residence by Quirk Studio, this home is situated in the plush Khar suburb of Mumbai. Designed at the behest of celebrity stylist Anisha Jain for a family of four, the residence features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, a den and a kitchen. “The client’s succinct brief was to create a place that was simple, snug, high on the design element, while still being congenial and modish,” informs Ajmera.

Taking that as their cue, the designers got to work on the interiors for this abode. The design palette is inspired by earthy and appeasing hues, with optimal glazing to let in natural light. The home opens up into a foyer, with the living room to its left, where muted tones mesh with splashes of pale and dusty pink. Across the project, one sees a scarce use of primary colours, which adds a measured dose of drama to the space. For instance, the sofa in deep blue is a refreshing addition and acts as a contrasting pop of colour. In addition, the striking colour-blocked rug accentuates the varied elements in the room in all the right ways. The seamless lighting, flooring and walls, all done in generic tones help highlight the quirky furniture, which comes in muted, but distinctive shades.

Interestingly, the house incorporates classic elements in conjunction with contemporary pieces, adding a degree of interest for viewers to enjoy. As a result, the décor at this residence follows its own language, yet relies on subdued hues to keep disparate components in sync with one another. Even while sticking to the core theme, the designers have experimented with various elements — for instance, metallic accents lend glamour to the living area by way of metal-trims on the minimalistic lamps and coffee table. Also, to counter the tone of the space, an elegant wooden chair – upholstered in a chocolate hue – has been included.
The den too adheres to the design theme displayed across the rest of the house. It exudes a mellow warmth with a grey sofa, which is complemented by a series of subtle-toned cushions, making it the perfect spot for the family to congregate. Tucked away in a corner, the bay window seat and the floral wallpaper beside it add a dreamy vibe, bringing both the invigorating freshness of spring and the warmth of summer into the residence. Various welcoming art pieces adorn the house.
Jain’s clutter-free bedroom doesn’t shift from the themed colour palette, either. “The upholstered bed with quirky shams, monochromatic artwork on the wall and a suspended light, together create a cohesive experience,” states Bhavsar, adding that the pale-hued rug makes the space appear roomy and bright.
Here is another design that reflects the lifestyle of its occupants, while staying true to the design philosophy that drives Quirk Studio’s practice.

Project Details

Name of the project:  Anisha Jain Residence
The client: Anisha Jain
Typology: Interior design – residential
Contractors: JV Interiors
Area: 600 sq-ft
Location: Mumbai
Date of completion: January 2018

Materials & Suppliers
Furniture: Customised
Furnishings: Bharat Furnishings 
Art/ artefacts: Environmental Graphics

The actor’s lounge blends minimalism and refinement, serving a mash-up of informal and formal.

Actor’s Lounge for Pooja Entertainment and Films
Located in the suburbs of tony Juhu in Mumbai, Pooja Entertainment and Films is a production house that lies inside an office building and houses a personalised space called the actor’s lounge. Quirk Studio gave us a sneak peek into the project, which is partially complete, as the rest is pending the resumption of work post the lockdown.

Deepshika Deshmukh.

The eclectic and comfortable space has been envisaged by Quirk Studio to reflect an intriguing narrative – the production house’s inimitable style that is cherished by all. The clients, film actor & producer Jackky Bhagnani and his film producer sister, Deepshika Deshmukh, imagined a warm space that showcased elegance and finesse. Besides this, the lounge needed to serve its main purpose – that of being a backdrop for professional and business conversation to take place.
Given this specific context, the designers faced the challenge of creating a dynamic, yet luxurious space that could serve its versatile functionality. As a result, an open floor plan was incorporated. Apart from the seating area, the lounge is set up in such a way as to comprise a dining-cum-conference area. “Premium without pretence” is how the designers describe it, something that is reflected in their use of natural, yet high-end materials such as the wooden flooring, the lighting system, and the elegant furniture. In addition, the rich colour palette brings in a degree of visual comfort and sophistication to the serene space.

Jackky Bhagnani.

When it comes to styling the space, subtle was the way to go. Small planters have been included to add a sense of warmth to the formal office, while also acting as a much-needed breather in the otherwise closed space. As Ajmera and Bhavsar point out: “The actor’s lounge is a delicate space blending minimalism and refinement, a mash-up of informal and formal.” This setting forms the perfect foil to the stars that will grace it with their presence, acting as the right backdrop for some truly memorable times; besides also serving as a creative den for the crew members to ideate, brainstorm, and interact. Crafted for powerful script-reading sessions, formal business meetings, rehearsals, and celebrations related to award-wins, the lounge space resonates the intriguing personal storyline of both Pooja Entertainment and Films as a company as well as that of the team members of the production house.

Project Details

Name of the project:  Actor’s Lounge for Pooja Entertainment and Films
The clients: Jackky Bhagnani & Deepshika Deshmukh
Typology: Interior design – commercial office space
Area: 800 sq-ft
Location: Mumbai
Date of completion: March 2020 + ongoing

Materials & Suppliers
Lighting/ light fixtures: Honey Homes
Furniture: Honey Homes
Accessories: Sarita Handa, Tresorie, Blue Loft



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