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A tour de homme in lockdown!
22 Apr, 2020
Principal architect of AND Studio, Love Chaudhary, explains how good design can help in navigating the work from home routine
AND Studio designs a contemporary home in Noida
07 Feb, 2020
Love Choudhary uses a minimalist palette for The Seventy
A must-see elegantly modern residence by AND Studio
12 Dec, 2019
Ample of natural light and a refined, unpretentious material palette infuses this Noida home with understated character
Architect Love Choudhary enjoys the process of creation more than the final outcome
21 Aug, 2019
His Delhi-based firm, AND Studio, strives to craft unique solutions to every design challenge
Innovative facades for built structures are growing popular in India
07 Jun, 2019
Comfort and technology are the defining factors of today's climate-responsive facades used by architects while designing buildings