Beyond Designs

Beyond Designs creates a pool house that is ornate, luxurious and inspired by neoclassical elements
27 Jun, 2020
There is a play of levels in the architecture of the house
Beyond Designs unveils an exquisite collection of lights
06 Jun, 2020
The collection comprises contemporary crystal chandeliers, pendant lights and wall scones
Beyond Designs unveils exquisite den area
30 Mar, 2020
Part of its Wild Rose collection, the style is resplendent of native and handcrafted culture
Beyond Designs unveils exquisite dining rooms
06 Mar, 2020
The bespoke dining room from Beyond Designs’ Wild Rose collection was unveiled at the recently concluded India Design ID 2020
Beyond Designs launches Beyond Designs Home and Bistro
29 Jan, 2020
The new vertical of Beyond Designs features exclusive, antique-inspired, eclectic accessories – some created in-house, and rest sourced from around more...
Keep the light on with Beyond Designs Lamps
13 Dec, 2019
Each lamp is distinct, celebrating the unique qualities of materials such as brass, crystals and ceramic
Beyond Designs unveils formal yet cosy living room
30 Sep, 2019
A signature feature of Beyond Designs, the decorative ceiling in this formal living room is complemented by the wooden wall more...
Beyond Designs launches new range of brass furniture
01 Sep, 2019
Brass is a material that makes a contemporary statement while echoing the past
Beyond Designs unveils exquisite consoles
25 Jun, 2019
Delhi's luxury interiors and furniture brand Beyond Designs launches a new product range