Casa Exotique

Bhawana Bhatnagar of Casa Exotique specialises in exotic home decor
05 Nov, 2019
The innovative collection of bookshelves launched by the founder of the brand revolves around the wildlife theme
Casa Exotique introduces an exotic range of bookshelves
23 Sep, 2019
The Autumn collection of the interior design brand includes a range of animal-themed furniture
Bhawana Bhatnagar leads a team of inspired individuals at Casa Exotique
16 Sep, 2019
Gurgaon-based designer and founder of the brand Casa Exotique, Bhawana Bhatnagar strives to fulfill her dreams and encourage her team more...
Nordic style rhino bookshelf by Casa Exotique
12 Sep, 2019
Casa Exotique in Gurgaon is flooding the market with versatile designs suited for a variety of uses - like this more...