Havells India

Maximise wellness and productivity with good lighting
23 Jul, 2020
Prag Bhatnagar, senior vice president, Havells India, highlights four lighting strategies that can improve the work environment
A guide to choosing indoor lighting for your home
23 Jul, 2020
Lighting is a critical aspect while remodelling or designing a home, shares Prag Bhatnagar, senior vice president, Havells India
Five Work From Home essentials to help you stay on track
27 Apr, 2020
Havells India shares how these five easy-to-use home appliances can make quarantine life less stressful
Stay cool this summer with Havells
30 Mar, 2020
The company has unveiled three new cooling solutions - a heavy-duty air conditioner, LED-embedded pedestal fans and an IoT-enabled smart more...
Havells unveils new purifier for the summer season
27 Mar, 2020
The water purification technology involves best-in-class eight stages of 100% RO & UV purification
Havells India presents new Digiplus alkaline water purifier
18 Mar, 2020
Part of its new range of kitchen appliances, the water purifier by Havells enhances the mineral quality of the water