Home automation

A modern high-tech haveli
29 Aug, 2020
Arredatore Design Studio presents a traditional home with modern aspirations
Bring convenience home with smart switches
07 Aug, 2020
Saurabh Goel, president, Havells India, shares how modernised IoT-enabled switchgear can re-shape modern living
Five ways Covid-19 will change how we design
19 May, 2020
Shonali Mahajan, founder of Studio Wodehouse, shares her predictions for interior design and what the “new normal” will mean in more...
The new face of realty design and construction
18 May, 2020
Atul Date, project group head, Rustomjee Group, highlights the key changes we can expect in real estate, post Covid-19
A luxurious pad in Hyderabad
23 Mar, 2020
With top notch automation curated by Anusha Technovision, the two bedroom penthouse is a delight to live in
Can a kitchen be as luxurious as the home itself?
14 Jan, 2020
With Aster Cucine it can; its new line of kitchen exudes sophisticated glamour thanks to the all-white palette and refined more...
Flagship brand of GTC Industries, Galalite is founded in Mumbai by Yusuf A. Galabhaiwala
02 Sep, 2019
Now run by the third generation, Galalite is an Indian brand that has a global reach and offers a wide more...
Goldmedal Electricals launches its i-Touch Wi-Fi Switch range
03 Jun, 2019
Goldmedal Electricals introduces a range of home automation switches compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assist
Steady growth in home automation is an indicator of changing lifestyles
01 Mar, 2018
Heightened awareness about security and the convenience of smart devices leads to increased usage