Home decor

Yasanche unveils the exquisite Ripple fruit tray
07 Jul, 2020
Part of Yasanche’s Water series, the collection is inspired by the purity and kinetic form of water
Passionate about music? Consider a music-themed décor!
30 Jun, 2020
Pankaj Poddar, co-founder of Hipcouch, elaborates on how to design a space that fits the personality and fulfills the needs more...
Ellementry unveils a new tableware collection – Rustic Sage
11 Jun, 2020
Honouring a more sustainable future, Rustic Sage is inspired by nature and green living
Wave Murano Glass presents Bucati
07 Jun, 2020
The innovative glass company has unveiled a series of vases that have a unique sculptural quality
Yasanche unveils the avant-garde ‘Ice Cube Flower Vase’ from its Water series
06 Jun, 2020
Possessing one-of-a-kind features, the vase is reminiscent of a piece of melting ice
A summer affair during home quarantine
02 Jun, 2020
Parul Mittal, director, Greenlam Industries, gives expert design advice on summer makeovers for the home
How Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar celebrates India’s rich artistic heritage
22 May, 2020
The designer and artist shares how he weaves regional arts and craft into his projects
Artify your space with these easy tips
16 May, 2020
Aradhana Dalmia, founder, The Artemist, suggests how various kinds of art can be integrated into your interiors
A subdued colour palette works its magic at this serene Hyderabad home
16 May, 2020
The Design Storey fashions a contemporary space that is high on details