Span Floors

Solidwood flooring by Span Floors
18 Jul, 2020
The range comes in a wide variety of wood species, colours & specifications
Protecting drenched floors in monsoons has just gotten easier with Span Floors
18 Jun, 2020
Enhance your outdoors with the beauty of nature and performance of contemporary outdoor flooring
Span Floors brings the avant-garde Outwud Vulcan Panelling to India
25 May, 2020
The Outwud Vulcan Panelling collection is the gold standard in solid wood wall and ceiling panels
Span Floors presents the Screening collection
27 Apr, 2020
The timber panels are excellent for interior as well as exterior application and are free from chemical preservatives
Span Floors launches the Laminate Herringbone collection
16 Mar, 2020
With zero PVC content and manufactured to European E1 grade with a health safety label A+, it ensures a healthy more...
Span Floors unveils its deluxe 3-in-1 laminate floorings
09 Feb, 2020
With this range, the brand promises the luxury of real wood at less than half the cost
Span Floors presents the new flexuous Chevron Collection
13 Jan, 2020
The hardwood floor features a modern 5G locking system, making it a flawless, extremely reliable and long lasting solution in more...
Span Floors launches Chevron collection from Coswick
26 Dec, 2019
The new line of European wood flooring includes twenty designer floors, manufactured from white oak, ash, and American walnut.
SPAN Floors unveils chic teak wall panels
18 Nov, 2019
The undying and classic beauty of teak is amalgamated with sustainability in this new collection