Studio Osmosis

Studio Osmosis designs a “studio by the sea”
18 May, 2020
The sea-facing apartment in Bandra is merely 470 sq-ft in size, but is functionally adept and visually appealing
Step into this functional, albeit ‘Happy’ workspace in Mumbai
13 May, 2020
Studio Osmosis designs an office that is client responsive in its concept, yet aesthetically appealing
Studio Osmosis completely transforms this living room in a Mumbai home
15 Apr, 2020
Bringing in light and lively elements, Shilpa and Sameer Balvally lend a cheerful vibe to space
Aces of Space Design Awards: Usage of Lights & Usage of Glass in Interiors
31 Oct, 2019
While Pravir Sethi of Studio Hinge won for Usage of Lights in the lobby of 219 Boat Club in Pune, more...
Surface décor finishes by Evolve used in projects by architects Alfaz Miller, Sanjay Puri and Sumessh Menon
25 Jul, 2019
The new-age surface décor finishes company combines technology with design, to manufacture novel surface finishes applicable to interiors, exteriors, furniture more...