Sustainable design

Emerging theme in post-Covid world: Sustainability in construction and designs
31 May, 2020
Anil Khurana, head, Architecture & Design, Kalpataru Limited, writes how the global health crisis can shape urban planning and design
A perfect courtyard home in Rajasthan
23 Apr, 2020
PAA designs a climate-sensitive house in Rajasthan with a vibrant touch of local art
How green buildings benefit owners and occupants
04 Apr, 2020
Amit Khanna, design principal, AKDA, explores if office buildings should go ‘all glass’ when sustainable buildings are the need of more...
Shilpa Sambargi Architects designs their office space using sustainable design
16 Mar, 2020
The workspace is housed in an existing 30-year-old structure
Four ‘Repair Décor’ you should try soon
20 Feb, 2020
Rishabh Sarpal, founder of Rishabh Sarpal Atelier, shares how four unused objects can upscale your home decor
Bengaluru's The Purple Turtles launches a new range of eco-friendly lampshades
11 Jun, 2019
The collection is hallmarked by unique pieces that lend themselves to myriad applications
Multi-faceted green design aims to be gentle on the environment and improve the quality of life
11 Jun, 2019
Here are four Green Design strategies that are the need of the hour
Nine facts you thought you knew about tiles
07 May, 2019
Are tiles a good flooring/cladding option? Will the material add value to interiors? RAK CERAMICS helps us clarify our thoughts…