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Hands new carpet collection is as cryptic as it is stunning

The new Cryptos collection of carpets features contemporary hand knotted carpets with mythology and history hidden in its weaves

Hand's new Cryptos collection features designs shrouded in mysteries, with secrets and cryptic messages at their core. Beautifully hand knotted in 100% botanical silk, each carpet is a distinctive, elegant expression of luxury, brought alive through an infinite interplay of pile height variances, colours, textures, patterns, and compositions.


“With a peculiar element of intrigue to it,” explains Ravi Patodia, managing director, “each design tells a unique tale, whose origin lies rooted in mythology or history. These carpets are like pieces of puzzles, concealing hidden meanings within them, waiting to be deciphered. With an irresistible enigma that goes way beneath the surface, the collection celebrates the sense of curiosity and wonder towards the magic that life has to it.” The collection features nine designs: Phaeton, Amadeus, Desiree, Suzette, Patrice, Leonore, Cadencia, Austyn and Florus  - all in 8 feet by 10 feet sizes.


As Patodia likes to remind himself, “A carpet must do nothing less than enhance the environment it adorns, taking the space to extraordinary expressions of elegance.” Hand knotted carpets have existed for centuries. It is woven by hand - knot by knot, millimetre by millimetre. Artisans weave with their hands, as they slip a thread, the weft, into a loop around the vertical warp. A colour change in the pattern means a new thread, a new starting point. There is an almost artistic harmony to this skill, that seems to bind the soul of the weaver to the rug. It takes months, and in some cases years, to finish a fine hand knotted carpet.


About Hands
Founded in 1881, in Bhadohi near Varanasi, by A. Tellery (a pioneer of  Indian handmade carpets), the business passed on to the Patodia family some decades later. Now it is the second generation of Patodias who run the show. Today, the brand is housed in some of the world’s most prestigious palaces, luxury hotels and residences. But the crowning glory lies in having crafted one of the world's finest hand knotted carpet - with an incredible 4,900 knots per square inch. While the label caters to clients across the world, Hands showrooms are located at Delhi, Mumbai and Dubai. Hands also offers bespoke designs - completely custom-made, designed, sized, and crafted around unique, personal expressions.



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