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Tailored to perfection: Leather Furniture by Ficus Fine Living

The new range is an elegant and contemporary collection of leather chairs swathed with top-grain leather, ensuring uncompromised comfort

Leather furniture is making a comeback for those looking at adding a classic touch to their homes that will last for years to come. The exclusive range of Leather Furniture from Ficus Fine Living embodies a harmonious blend of style, sophistication and comfort. The traditional look is perfect for those wanting style,  particularly appropriate for mountain and vacation homes.

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People spend time in their living room furniture not just sitting or lounging but working, eating meals, and relaxing with loved ones.  It’s crucial to make furniture that’s comfortable and durable enough for all of the unexpected, everyday moments at home.

The Leather Furniture from Ficus Fine Living is elegant in design and finish. Tailored to perfection, this contemporary collection of leather furniture is swathed with top-grain leather which in due course of time will only grow softer and cozier. The furniture is hand crafted with top quality wood and a high gloss polish. It is a blend of classical and contemporary styles that gives you the freedom to choose as per your need.

Expertise, perfection and painstaking craftsmanship is what makes this collection exclusive and different from the rest. The chairs reflect meticulous and artistic craftsmanship, and set an enduring standard for comfort and elegance.

About Ficus Fine Living
Ficus - Fine Living is a fresh new concept in branded furniture and home accessories. Inspired by nature, Ficus offers range of furniture, furnishings, home decors, artifacts and more. Associated with renowned brand The Great Eastern Home, Ficus Fine Living draws inspiration from nature to create a style that seamlessly blurs the boundaries between the outdoors and indoors to merge materials, textures, colours, forms and finishing in ways that are contemporary yet timeless. Ficus keeps introducing new styles and product lines by keeping an eye on global trends to ensure that the brand experience of customers stay fresh and vibrant.



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