Its brick elevation is may be old world, but Sutra's interiors are eclectic and energetic.
Its brick elevation is may be old world, but Sutra's interiors are eclectic and energetic.

Chromed Design Studio gives Sutra, a premium gastropub, to Noida

The 19,000sq-ft property in Delhi NCR features an eclectic mix of styles, and is inspired by the travels of Mariposa Jose

Inspired by the travels of explorer ‘Mariposa Jose’, a fictional character, Sutra Gastropub makes a mark in the hustle and bustle of Noida city. Located in a standalone property and sprawling across an area of 19,000sq-ft, this property was designed to add an avant-garde cocktail bar and restaurant to the city's hospitality scene. And judging by the enthusiastic welcome it has received, the establishment has passed the test with flying colours. Its interiors, whose design was headed by Abhigyan Neogi, are a blend of disparate styles, with the classic running as a definite thread. The atmosphere recalls the moodiness of a speakeasy bar where one can sit back, relax and enjoy their drink. The design was driven by the thought of bridging the gap between current millennial and traditional dining styles.

A railed-in enclosure segregates comfortable seating islands near the entrance.

The neon signage may seem to be at odds with the old-world-style elevation, but therein lies the eclectic charm of the gastropub.

The façade calls to mind a heritage building with an old-world charm. The grand stone staircase and staircase lobby, with painted walls and a classic chandelier, reinforce this impression.

The settings are cosy, intimate, like those you'd find in your living room.

A rustic wooden door welcomes customers into the vibrant interiors. A triple-height glass-roofed central courtyard is bedecked with huge antique chandeliers suspended from the ceiling. A row of classic sofas with plush green velvet upholstery is framed by cast-iron columns and drape-like billowy curtains that separate this area from the rest.

Split levels modulate Sutra's space.

The centrally located bar serving is the focal point of the design. A cast-iron railing lines the tiled bar front, adding to the vintage feel. The cast-iron jaali on the ceiling is upheld by four intricately detailed columns. Supplementary installations of foliage and pendant lights complete the picture. The dining area is marked by a level difference on the floor which gives a sense of seclusion. The lounge-style furniture with patterned carpet on the floor and a wooden ornate bookcase at the back are illustrative of a formal living room. An idiosyncratic chandelier marks the path to the terrace where an amphitheatre-like setting lies surrounded by lush greens. The terrace comprises a segregated upper terrace with pebbles as flooring and cabana seating, establishing a laidback vibe.

Sutra gastropub: its interiors are upbeat and full of energy.

Sutra, with its old-world charm recast into a contemporary mould, provides a space to pause and take a breather in the mad, mad rush of city life.

Name of the project: Sutra Gastropub
Location: Sector-18, Noida
Typology: Hospitality
Area: 19,000sq-ft



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